Start-up Consulting

Identifying the best marketing strategies and mediums for intended targets

Consulting for creation of a unique company identity and story to differentiate from competitors 

Brand Consulting

Motion Graphics

One of the things people really hate when watching a video or animation are still or static shots. Motion Graphics is on the other end of the spectrum. By combining flowing animations utilizing bezier curves and bright sharp vector shapes and images, motion graphics create a truly fluid experience.

For the Restless.


Quick and Effective.


Let's face it. In the 21st century most people hate reading and watching videos that are too long. In fact, most people upon seeing this blurb would close the tab in disgust.


So 1 minute videos have become the perfect medium for conveying a certain heartfelt message, demonstrating a revolutionary product, or pretty much anything else you want people to know about.

Sound is 51% of a Video?

For many of those beginning their journey as aspiring filmmakers, one aspect they often neglect is sound, which consists of music and sound effects. When the visuals are meshed with the accompany audio, the resulting fusion is truly impactful and unforgettable.

Audio Visuals

Vector Graphics

Lossless Art

Ever seen really crispy clean graphics? They're probably vector graphics; able to be scaled to whatever proportion and still look sharp. 


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